All about KANGAS (African skirt/warp, multipurpose clothing + other uses

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Why wear a Kanga
Many women who visit Africa have found that they are often complemented by African ladies if they have chosen to wear Kangas ( you will be surprised by the difference this makes establishing greetings and friendships and really getting to know the people).
Wearing shorts, short skirts or trousers (western style clothes) and you will be considered a 'tourist' and treated totally differently.


Video of ‘How to Wear a Kanga’

Where to buy a Kanga
Go to
ebay and search for ‘African Kanga’

You will see that many offered for sale are to benefit a charity in Tazania, East Africa - please support us.

The Charity is ‘ The Bethany Family’ caring for:
 ‘abandoned, abused and orphaned children’

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