Ms. Jesca Paulo or Ms. Emmakulatha Bujiku
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Joining Bethany as young Tanzania girls was a ‘life changing experience’ for both of us and never anticipated in 10 years or so we will be embarking on something such as founding our own organisation to reach out to the most under privileged and vulnerable members of the Tanzania society, mainly children, women and girls.  Bethany has inspired us both to see beyond our own needs and reach out to the needs of others with the love of Christ.  Joining The Bethany Family is the best thing to have ever happened to both of us and has given us hope for the future that many girls in Tanzania may not experience because of the day to day struggles and disappointments they have to go through to just survive.   Bethany has helped us see the extent in which selflessness and generosity can change someone’s life and we feel God has given us the opportunity to reach out and be hope in the lives of others by using our skills and knowledge we have acquired through studying in the UK, but most of all by sharing our love for Christ Jesus. 
Jesca and Emmakulatha have both studied in the UK for 7 yrs and 6 yrs respectively.  Jesca came straight from Primary School in Tanzania and did a Level two ‘Childcare’ certificate course at Accrigton and Rossendale College.  Emmakulatha came a year later, and together with Jesca they did the Level 3 CACHE diploma at Accross.  From there they were accepted at Blackburn College to do the BA degree in Education for three years before completing a one year PGCE course in teaching.
We believe that the Education we have received here in the UK is NOT to give us the credentials to climb the ladders of social success BUT rather to equip us so that we can operate at an optimum level in serving others in the name of Jesus Christ.
The Inspiration for EMJE